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Welcome to 2018, year of GREAT RIDE to HIGHER PLACES! No more armies invasion; He had promised to remove them all. Nothing can stop you and your God this year. You must manifest and be RESTORED by divine mandate. You NATURAL must have EXTRA on top making you EXTRAORDINARY. I salute you into your SEASON. Move into your heights by prophecy and claim your RESTORATION by FIRE and YOU ARE RIDING to HIGHER PLACES


"..and I will cause für to Ride upon high PLACES of THE Darth..."  
(Isaiah 58.14b; KJV)


Grace will speak for you this year and season. Move into your place of Testimony in the name of Jesus Christ.


We love to welcome you in the name of Jesus Christ. You are here by His arrangement, and you can not be dis-appointed. I am committed to helping you attain your heights by bringing out the hidden potentials in you into manifestation.


God has called us from darkness into His marvellous light; there is therefore a direct ACCESS through the BLOOD of His son JESUS, amen! I invite you to surrender your life to Jesus now by accepting Him into your life as your lord and savior...this is important. Have you made the decision? Oh! you are welcome into the family!!! If you write us, we shall be glad to send you some materials to help you grow.


Stay at the TOP, Bottom is too CROWDED!!!







Power House Chapel

VENUE: Don Tango Club. (2nd Floor, 2nd Hall) Vor Sankt Martin, 50667 Koeln- Heumarkt

TIME:- 12.00 NOON

HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! JOIN us in Cologne for our 2016 Apostolic & Prophetic Gathering!
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  • Beloved, don't DO church and FORGET that HEAVEN is REAL. Don't be CAUGHT unprepared. I love YOU sirs/mas. Stay on Top!

  • He whose EARS are stopped at the CRY of the POOR, will himself get no ANSWER to his CRY for HELP. (Proverbs 21:13 )

  • GRACE makes you ACCEPTABLE, but CHARACTER makes you PREFERABLE. both takes you to the TOP!

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