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We love to welcome you in the name of Jesus Christ. You are here by His arrangement, and you can not be dis-appointed.

We am committed to helping you attain your heights by bringing out the hidden potentials in you into manifestation.


We are conscious of wonderful church leaders who are called but are limited by georgraphical location, relationship,values and materials. Our vision is to provide apostolic covering for men and women of God who are called into five-fold ministry such as., Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastor and teachers with cord of strong apostolic covering.


Fellow committed Church leaders are really struggling and encounter serious pressures in the course of fullfilling their callings in life; we are touched always when we see their labour of love, hence, Successful ministry is a product of wisdom and ENCOUNTER. Imn is a place of encounter!


Levels of commitment

* continual commitment and agreement with IMN leadership.
*  Maintaining sound Biblical standards in life and ministry
* Participation in IMN meetings and special events
* Annual renewal fee of Ministry credetials


Ministerial credentials

Applicants may apply for a Ministry Certificate, License, or Ordination. If an applicant is already credentialed with another fellowship and desires to retain their current credential and also affiliate with IMN, they may do so by applying for Membership. Please include a copy of the current credential with the application.


Ordination service
Applicants approved for ordination will receive official notification and the Annual Ordination Credential Card effective the date of their approval. All ordination candidates will be ordained by IMN leadership at the next scheduled IMN Conference and receives their ordination certificate at the ordination service. Upon special request, consideration will made to arrange for the ordination service to be held in the candidate's church if leadership schedules permit.


 Membership Benefits

The benefits that you can receive by becoming apart of this ministry are as follows:
• Apostolic Network of Ministers and Churches
• Five-Fold Ministry Leadership and Resources
• Ministerial Covering and Credentials
• Relational Fellowship
• Regional Meetings
• Support Network,
• Ministry equipping and impartation
• Ministerial conferences and seminars
• Ministry placement network
• International Evangelism and missions outreach opportunities
• New Testament Church Planting

Annual Membership renewal

All ministry credentials (Certificates, Licenses, Ordinations), and Memberships must be renewed annually during the month of January by returning the Annual Renewal Form with the renewal fee on or before January 31 st. Renewals are based upon continued commitment to walk in agreement with IMN leadership, Statement of Faith, biblical standards for personal life and ministry, prayer and financial support, and participation in IMN meetings and special events. An Annual Credential Card will then be issued for the new year.

Bishop Kehinde said, "Greatness in ministry is not a product of your proffession, but of the covenant and encounter!"

Join the team who stays in the cloud to enjoy the crowd.


For enquiry about membership..



Stay at the TOP, Bottom is too CROWDED!!!






IMN membership Registration Form
Download this Registration form to enable you belong to the GLOBAL family of IMN
IMN reg. Form.pdf
PDF-Dokument [55.3 KB]


We encourage you to PARTNER with us in helping fellow africans to ENABLE them to READ with help of READING GLASSES.

We are soliciting for 10,000 Reading Glasses during our various Outreaches in Africa beginning from July in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya respectively. We request for


Material Partnership:

Reading Glasses Ranges from +1,0 to +4,0 sizes. We can pick up the Glasses withing Cologne or you can call us to make arrangement for collection anywhere in the world.


Men - Professional Partnership

such as Free services of Opticians to test eyes before issuing the Glasses to the people in those mentioned locations and countries


Money - Finance:

We need finances to ship materials on ground and other logistics for this purpose.


Give us a Call on or leave us a notice on our contact formular!


EYE tests conducted for people by our EYE Doctors before people were given READING Glasses. Some that had complications were sent to the Hospitals for operation or comprehensive tests. We hope to be able to Expertees and equipment to offer FULL services.

Checking and counselling by our TEAM before READING GLASSES were given out.

This little lady is VERY happy to have an opportunity to have a reading glasses after the test.

DENTAL services offered to people free of charge at the Read Africa project. Our team of DENTISTS tested and performed minor treatment for people. We hope to have good dental equipment to persorm all round dental services in future.

Free Dental services @ READ AFRICA project in Nigeria.

LAGOS, Nigeria where we conducted free Eye tests and given reading glasses  at no charge.

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